Jun Fan Gung Fu (Jun Fan means Bruce Lee) is a strategic self defense system. Jeet Kune Do (means the way of the intercepting fist) is Bruce Lee's own personal martial art. The basis of Jeet Kune Do is Jun Fan Gung Fu. Its important to learn the art of Jun Fan Gung Fu and from there develop your own personal (JKD). The legendary JKD martial artist Dan Inosanto said "Jeet Kune Do can be taught but it cannot be standarized" We are all different in height, size, weight, interest and personality. Jun Fan Gung Fu is to be adjusted to personally fit you. Bruce Lee's quote says to "absorb that which is useful and to discard that which is useless and to add specifically what is your own." This process is called Jeet Kune Do. Every one will have their own personal Jeet Kune Do but you must learn the basis of Jun Fan Gung Fu along with the principles and concepts of Jeet Kune Do. 


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