Eskrima is a Filipino martial art that focuses on the use of sticks, bladed and impact/bluntweapons, improvised weapons, and hand-to-hand (empty hand) techniques. Eskrima is also known as Kali and Arnis. Filipino martial arts training consists of  Solo Baston (Single stick)  Doble Baston (Double stick) Kalis (The blade based portion of Arnis) Baraw (Knife Defense) Espada y Daga (Stick/Sword and Dagger) Mano y Mano (Unarmed Combat). The Spanish occupiers named the martial arts of the Filipinos " Eskrima ". That derives from the Spanish word " Esgrima " describing a brief fight or fencing. The word Kali is an acronym and not a word for filipnio martial arts. It comes from the Tagalog language one of the dialects on the phillipine islands.  " Ka " stands for kamot " hand ", and " Li " for lehok " movement ". As a whole, Kali can be translated into " movement of the hand. "Arnis (also called Kali or Eskrima) is a generic term for the deadly martial arts of the Philippines. It contains both barehand and weaponary arts - everything that has got to do with fighting. The barehand combat include boxing, wrestling, grappling, pressure points and locks. The main weapon of entry when learning Arnis is generally the stick or baton. Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) is also apart of the training method in Eskrima/Kali. The training methods of the Filipino Martial Arts will increase your empty hand skills, coordination, reflexes, perception, and awareness.


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